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I designed Tillie for all of you, and I hope you wear it with pride while you are out there moving mountains!!!!!!

Here I am!

Tillie Founder and CIO Kim Turley-Smith 

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A letter from Tillie founder and Chief Inspiration Officer Kim Turley-Smith:

Dear YOU, 

As an active working mom, I value a good head covering! What I should be saying is that I am addicted to all things headband, bandana, toque and more. Sadly, without it, people started to say they didn’t recognize me out in public. Yikes!! I am also an optimist, life enthusiast and a big believer in human beings and in the power of positive thinking.  Ok, now we are getting somewhere. Tillie was born by adhering to my most fundamental of values. You see…

there is one thing I know to be true. That we all have inside us limitless potential for greatness and goodness. That we also have a limitless reservoir of strength and courage for the tough times too. You, yes, YOU!!!!!  Sometimes we need a little nugget of wisdom and inspiration to enjoy the hills and get through the valleys of life. Sometimes we need a good belly laugh too! Tillie is for all of that, for all of us, for all of life.  Wear your Tillie for that big race, for that tough workout, for that long hike, for hitting the slopes, for getting through a tough time, for beating the odds. The list could go on and on. Tillie is that little thing deep down inside all of us that endures all hardship, that signs up, that shows up, and never gives up.

​Tillie is not just a headband. Tillie is a brand on a mission to inspire. Whether you attend one of our fab getaways, participate in a Tillie Talk or conference, wear your Tillie to climb a mountain or wear your Tillie to scrub your floors, Tillie is there. How do I know this? Because Tillie is strong!...Tillie is YOU!

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Who is Tillie? You already know her. Tillie is strong. Tillie is you!