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Again Kim will have you explore your comfort zones in a fun group workshop/seminar setting. This presentation includes a fun, high energy, teambuilding AND thought provoking group workout that will leave you open to the possibility of you! You are stronger than you think. We will prove it together!! The result is to shed some light on your limits and how to bust right through them in work and life!

Hire Founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) Kim Turley-Smith as a speaker at your event, company, conference, or workshop! Kim is first and foremost a firm believer in the human spirit, she wants you to believe in you!!! She is passionate about health and fitness and the life changing lessons that can be learned from training outside your comfort zone.

Let your guests leave inspired to live their best life and find their authenticity and purpose! Kim has been speaking in front of groups for most of her life. She presents her message by sharing her struggles, her philosophy on health and fitness as a metaphor for life, and her belief in the power of positive! She believes we are all meant to shine our light!

Her energy filled presentations will have you thinking about life in a different way, through a different lens. You just might catch a glimpse into all that is possible in your life!! Choose from one of these three presentations or have Kim tailor a program to suit your specific needs. Each and every presentation has an element of health and fitness embedded in it, perfect for the balance of work and life!


This presentation is specifically designed for females grades 7-12. Kim is passionate about helping to build the next generation of strong women! Allow your high school students to benefit from an hour with Kim as she explores life in a real, no holds barred way with nothing but hope, acceptance and a little sweat too! Explore life, counter will, fear, courage, and acceptance through this super high energy fun and engaging seminar/workshop that will leave your girls feeling like they can do anything!

Contact for booking availability and details.


We explore comfort zones and we will use “ACT”ivities from cognitive psychology to see why we need to play outside our comfort zones to reach our full potential. Listen in and explore some fun audience participation activities as Kim leads us to ask the hard questions. Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

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